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Best Gift Ideas for the Car Lover in Your Life


Looking for a fun or functional gift for the car lover in your life, but don’t know where to start? Lucky for you, the car-obsessed editors here at Car and Driver are also excellent gift givers and we know exactly what gifts the auto enthusiast in your life will love. We have gifts for all ages and interests, including toys and books for kids, tools for DIY mechanics, and many car care products to keep the paint shining and the upholstery like new.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW

Celebrating this year’s holidays from a distance? All of the items here can be shipped from online vendors in short order, so let your mouse pointer do the shopping and surprise the auto enthusiasts on your list with something that will make their car-loving hearts skip a beat. We invite you for a leisurely scroll through our virtual car-lover shopping mall, or for a more focused experience, click one of the buttons below to jump immediately to a desired category.




Apparel and Accessories

Heel Tread Socksamazon.comBUY NOW

There’s a more inconspicuous way to display your auto enthusiasm than branded T-shirts—these brilliantly detailed socks from Heel Tread, for example. Heel Tread’s designs cover much of the automotive world and feature iconic styles such as the Gulf livery, BMW’s M division’s classic colors, and the same plaid pattern used on the original Volkswagen GTI. These colorful socks will let you represent your favorite automotive brand even when you’re in a suit and tie.Kareless Apparel and$14.00BUY NOW

Kareless is more than an online apparel store, it’s a network focused on a shared love of cars, motorcycles, and extreme sports. We tip our hats at the creators of Kareless and love their T-shirt designs. Not only do they offer shirts, but a number of accessories such as keychains, stickers, and hats are available to augment your Kareless look.Honda Vintage Culture$30.00BUY NOW

Anyone can slap a logo on a T-shirt, but Honda Vintage Culture takes it a step further with officially licensed images from Honda that showcase the brand’s racing heritage. Two of the available T-shirts feature the infamous RA271 F1 race car in 1964. The company also makes two stylish and high-quality zipper jackets modeled after vintage mechanic uniforms from the 1960s.Custom Knockaround$35.00BUY NOW

Know someone who can’t be trusted to not break or lose an expensive pair of sunglasses? We all know (or are) that guy. Well even if you can’t afford a set of designer shades that doesn’t mean you’re limited to options off the gas station rack. Knockaround, purveyor of stylish-but-affordable sunglasses, now has an option to customize a pair of your own from over 1,000,000 different combinations. Some are wacky and wild, but we were able to create this muted gray-and-rose-gold ensemble that really pops with the mirrored lenses.Bellroy Key$45.00BUY NOW

From the same genuine leather used for their wallets, Bellroy has fashioned this handy key cover to keep your keys organized, slim down your pocket, and eliminate the annoying jangling sound of a traditional key ring. A magnetic clasp keeps the cover closed. An exterior hook is perfect for larger car keys.Bellroy Men’s and Women’s$89.00BUY NOW

Fine leathers and a commitment to simple but well-designed wallets are what set Bellroy apart from the competition. We appreciate the attention to detail and the wide variety of sizes. Their wallets offer RFID protection to help keep your data safe from high-tech thieves, and the women’s clutch holds far more than its compact shape would suggest. Whether you’re looking for a nice piece to use when dressing up or something to carry every day, the Bellroy line of wallets and purses is worth a look.Felix Gray Polarized$95.00BUY NOW

Polarized sunglasses have long been a staple of car guys and gals to help block out glare and provide a clear view of the road ahead. But some brands take the polarization a little too far, turning everything a shade sepia. Felix Gray has gotten things just right with its line of sunglasses, offered in a variety of styles. These sunglasses are lightweight, thanks to thin lenses and Italian acetate frames, and they wear comfortably for long periods of time.Autodromo Stringback Driving$125.00BUY NOW

A nice pair of driving gloves really enhances a chilly spring or fall joy ride, and these beautiful and functional mitts from Autodromo are perfect. The soft leather palm provides a strong grip on the steering wheel, and the stitched back breathes nicely to help avoid sweating. Is your car lover also a watch enthusiast? These gloves have a split-cuff design that creates extra room for a timepiece.Handmade Fordite$210.00BUY NOW

Integrate a love for cars into your wardrobe in a subtle way with jewelry made of fordite by Urban Relic Design. Chunks of fordite, which is also known as motor agate, are formed from layers of automotive paint and chipped off the machines at manufacturing plants. The artist shapes and polishes these man-made “gemstones,” then sets them into gold, silver, stainless steel, or copper to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces. Rings, necklaces, earrings, and cufflinks are all available.The Authentic Race MK2 Driving$232.68BUY NOW

Nothing says luxury like a great pair of driving gloves like these fingerless mitts from The Outlierman. Made from nappa lambskin, these gloves feel super soft and provide excellent grip on the steering wheel—something that’s handy for all cars, not just those classics with wood-rimmed wheels. Knuckle cutouts provide flexibility and ventilation while a high-quality metal snap secures the glove at your wrist. A leather pouch is included to keep your gloves safely stored when not in use.ic! berlin x Mercedes-Benz Sunglassesic-berlin.deBUY NOW

Luxury eyewear company ic! berlin has teamed up with one of Germany’s most revered automakers–Mercedes-Benz–for a line of automotive-inspired sunglasses. These lightweight shades are made from stainless steel and are available in a variety of designs to match your Mercedes. The black MB-01 (shown in the center) would look quite nice behind the wheel of a black E-class coupe, while the MB Shield (lower left) is more futuristic, like the Mercedes EQC electric SUV.Maui Jim Men’s Compass$329.99BUY NOW

Maui Jim’s modern take on aviator sunglasses is as timeless as the original. The Compass comes in five colors, all with polarized glass that cuts down on glare.Simpson Hybrid S HANS$1,095.00BUY NOW

Keeping your head on, literally and figuratively, when you’re lapping is critical. While the Simpson Hybrid S head restraint won’t help with red mist, it is a smart bit of safety equipment for track driving in cars with three-point seatbelts—a HANS device requires at least a four-point belt to work. This restraint is worn over the shoulders and chest and connects to the user’s helmet to limit neck and head movement in the event of sudden and unintended deceleration. We use them while setting lap times at our annual Lightning Lap test.