The Dodo

Funniest things seen in the ER

1. The time a puppy had a bit too much fun for his own good

“I once saw a young golden retriever puppy that came in with a hollow bone stuck around his lower jaw. This little guy was definitely not happy about his predicament.

Luckily, with a lot of lubricant and words of encouragement, we managed to slip it out quickly and easily, with no harm to the cute pup. The humorous part was he immediately wanted to chew on the bone again! Some never learn.”

2. The time she caught an underwear thief … and things got a bit awkward

“An 8-year-old beagle came in once for vomiting, and the X-rays showed he had some fabric in his stomach. We used an endoscopy to look inside his stomach and retrieved not one but three different socks along with a piece of lingerie. I’ll never understand why dogs find dirty socks and underwear appealing.

To make matters even more hilarious, one of the owners did not recognize the intimate undergarment … awkward!”

3. The time a pup nearly sabotaged his parents’ happily-ever-after

“Another time, a 2-year-old pit bull ate her owner’s very expensive engagement ring. A few hours had gone by since the incident, and an X-ray showed the ring had passed through the entire dog’s intestines and was sitting in the colon, which meant it would be pooped out soon.

My advice to the young couple was to monitor the poops closely for anything shiny.”

4. The multiple times dogs have come in … under the influence

“Another very common reason for pets coming into the emergency room these days is the consumption of products containing THC. Pet owners often have no idea why their dog suddenly acts so strange and wobbly.

Once I tell them their furry friend is just a little bit high and everything will be OK, pet owners usually giggle.”

However, people should never leave any of these products where animals or children can reach them.