Learning New Set Of Skills Through A Talent Marketplace Can Revitalize Employees

Offer clear visibility to internal learning opportunities.

Instead of returning to the pre-pandemic norm, employers are finding themselves struggling to retain talent. The use of a talent marketplace can help mitigate this problem and give employees a newfound purpose. Recent economic data demonstrates that the United States economy has recovered to pre-pandemic levels. But many employees and managers are finding that the workplace has not quite gone back to normal.

All industries are suffering from the Great Resignation, with many businesses having a difficult time recruiting and retaining employees. In September alone, over 4 million workers quit their job searching for better mobility and better pay. The pandemic has accelerated burnout, and the employees who are experiencing burnout are looking for a change of pace instead of going back to the same job.  

Finding a way to get workers suffering from burnout reengaged has never been an easy task. While some may suggest that it’s best to let these employees quit, that isn’t the best solution. Hiring and onboarding new employees is an expensive process. A more suitable, cost-effective solution is to invest in retraining current employees. This includes offering them positions in which they can feel more engaged within the organization. In fact, a recent report by talent technology pioneers, Fuel50, found that 43% of organizations globally consider reskilling as their top strategic priority. To succeed in this endeavor, HR departments will need...