Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Review: The Future of Automated Cleaning is Here!

It feels like every time I turn around, Roborock’s robot vacuums just get smarter and smarter, like they’re skipping grades in school.

Case in point, the latest Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is one of the most advanced and proactively agile AI mopping vacuums that I’ve ever experienced.  Its ability to construct a 3D scan of the environment and then identify (and avoid) common obstacles makes me feel like there’s a real-life Rosey from The Jetsons in the house.

Let’s take a closer look at how Roborock’s newest S7 MaxV Ultra robot vacuum is redefining the concept of automated cleaning and self-maintenance.


Product Spotlight: Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra

Credit: Roborock

The S7 MaxV Ultra is the newest offering in Roborock’s S7 series of smart mopping vacuums, but its performance and technological advancements are so significant that I could see it carrying its own nameplate as a separate series altogether.

Its designation of “MaxV” indicates that it improves on the original S7’s sensing capabilities with the inclusion of ReactiveAI 2.0. This updated feature consists of structured light 3D scanning, a full-color camera, LiDAR navigation, and an all-new neural processing unit. And what it means for us is that the S7 MaxV can quickly identify common objects like shoes, pet waste, wires, etc and proactively avoid them without needing to bump into them first.

Credit: Slickdeals

The “Ultra” version also comes with an Empty Wash Fill Dock that empties the vacuum’s dust bin, washes the mopping element, and also refills the on-board water tank for complete hands-free maintenance. Also available is a “Plus” version that includes an Auto-Empty Dock instead of the Empty Wash Fill Dock.

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Features and Specifications:

  • ReactiveAI 2.0 Obstacle Avoidance
  • VibraRise mopping system
  • 5100Pa suction
  • Auto mop washing
  • Auto tank refill
  • Auto dust emptying
  • Adaptive route algorithms
  • Automatic room recognition
  • Washable E11 rated air filter
  • 3D mapping support
  • ScratchSafe wheels and brushes
  • Child lock

Roborock S7 MaxV: $769.99 ($90 introductory discount) at Amazon

Roborock S7 MaxV Plus: $1,159.99 at Amazon

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra: Coming Soon

The Best Student You’ll Never Have to Teach

Credit: Roborock

Since the core functionality of the S7 MaxV Ultra is similar to the original S7, I’ll let you read about the S7 series’ cleaning and mopping performance in my first detailed experience. What I’d like to focus on for the S7 MaxV Ultra is its updated obstacle avoidance feature and overall reactiveness to an ever-changing environment.

Because my home isn’t an empty museum space with perfectly clutter-less floors, I’ve always been hesitant to let a robot vacuum roam freely with zero supervision for fear of it getting caught on wires or other sizable objects. While they’ve come a long way from the first-generation of bump-and-go vacuums, they’re still largely “feeling around in the dark” and using trial and error to navigate spaces.

This is where I think the S7 MaxV Ultra has made a significant improvement with its ReactiveAI 2.0 technology. Combining 3D scanning, a full-color camera, and a dedicated logic processor, it truly feels like the S7 MaxV Ultra can see and understand what’s in front of it in real-time.

As it mapped out my living area for the first time – without needing to bump into any walls, by the way – I challenged its obstacle recognition capabilities by continuously sliding a pair of crumpled up socks in its path. And without fail, the S7 MaxV Ultra would stop, think for a second, and then alter its path to go around the socks. I kept doing this at random intervals, and the AI adjusted to the obstructions so skillfully that it felt like someone was actually piloting the vacuum.

Speaking of piloting, the Roborock app does offer the ability to remotely drive the S7 MaxV Ultra from a first-person perspective using the front-facing camera. For privacy protection, this first-person mode must be enabled by physically pressing all three buttons on the vacuum itself – there’s no way to activate it solely by using the app.

As much as the remote-controlled car enthusiast in me loved the novelty of driving a vacuum, the real advantage offered by the S7 MaxV Ultra’s front camera is its ability to recognize household objects and mark them as icons on the map in the Roborock app.

And it’s this 3D mapping capability that helps the S7 MaxV Ultra stand out from other robot vacuums. With a clear picture of your living space, you can easily request a spot clean around the bed or on high traffic areas.

When a cleaning routine is completed, the S7 MaxV Ultra will return to its dock and automatically empty its dustbin into the dock’s dust bag. If mopping was performed, it will reverse into the dock to refill its water tank as well as auto-clean the mopping element with fresh water. The used water is then transferred to the dirty water tank on the far left.

Credit: Slickdeals

There’s really not much for me to do as the owner of the S7 MaxV Ultra except to occasionally check the water levels in the lift-out bins on the dock. Even the dock’s dust bag is large enough to hold a couple month’s worth of debris, depending on how often it vacuums.

Should You Buy the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra?

Credit: Roborock

We all have busy lives, and I don’t know too many people who actually enjoy cleaning, so having the S7 MaxV expertly navigate complex spaces and clean on a schedule that doesn’t interfere with my own is a huge lifestyle benefit. The baseline for cleanliness is kept much higher now in my house thanks to the S7 MaxV, and lets me go longer between deep cleanings with a wet mop vacuum.

The S7 MaxV and the S7 MaxV Plus bundle is available for purchase now, while the S7 MaxV Ultra version is expected to launch soon. You can get the S7 MaxV by itself, bundled with the auto-empty dock (S7 MaxV Plus), or as a set with the Empty Wash Fill Dock (S7 MaxV Ultra) – I’ve outlined the pricing for each combination below.

Deal Alert: For a limited time, the S7 MaxV is being discounted by $90 in celebration of its release.

  • S7 MaxV Ultra (S7 MaxV + Empty Wash Fill Dock) | $1399.99
  • S7 MaxV Plus (S7 MaxV + Auto-Empty Dock) | $1159.99 at Amazon
  • S7 MaxV | $769.99 at Amazon
  • Empty Wash Fill Dock |  $599.99
  • Auto-Empty Dock | $299.99 at Amazon