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The Best Robot Vacuums for Cleaning Up Pet Hair

Keep your floors clean every day with these top-rated robo vacs that are ideal for anyone who owns a pet




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Whether your dog’s shedding his winter fur or you’re tired of moving your stick vacuum around the house, robot vacuums are ideal for households with pets. A robot vacuum that automatically cleans up after your pet can save you some extra time, be controlled from apps on your phone and help keep your floors a little cleaner. Here’s everything you should know before investing in one.

What’s the Best Robot Vacuum for Pets?

While robot vacs are a great option for dog and cat owners, it’s most important to make sure the vacuum is powerful enough to actually pick up all the pet hair and debris.

App Control: One of the best aspects of a robot vacuum is the ability to control the machine from wherever you are. All of our favorites come with a WiFi or Bluetooth connection and an app, which allows you to program your robot’s running time, schedules and routes. They can also be paired with smart home speakers like the Amazon Echo or Google Home, which allows for voice control.

Dust Bin and Brush: Because they’re smaller than standard vacuums, robot vacs have a smaller dirt capacity and have to be changed more often, so we look for as large a dustbin as possible. We also look for a large, tangle-free brush that is capable of handling pet hair.

Battery Life: Depending on the size of your space, you’ll need an hour or two of continuous runtime to fully clean the entire area. We picked robots with at least 120 minutes of runtime per charge. Our favorites also return automatically to the charging dock when cleaning is completed.

1. yeedi k650 Robot Vacuum

It may be small, but the Yeedi robot can clean up after just about anything, from long-haired dog breeds to cats to spill-prone children (or adults). It has an impressive 2,000 pA suction power — more than average for robot vacs — and a uniquely designed silicone tangle-free brush that helps trap long hairs. The extra large dustbin is another major plus, especially if you’re dealing with a lot of fur. It’s even built with a QuietMode so it won’t startle your pet. It’s also controllable via an app and can clean for 130 minutes.

yeedi k650 robot vacuum


Buy: yeedi k650 Robot Vacuum at $179.99

2. Roborock S7

The two-in-one Roborock S7 is a vacuum and mop combo with serious suction power, sonic vibration tech for deep-cleaning, along with 180 minutes of runtime. It automatically recharges and vacuums and mops your house in one go, handling pet hair and thick carpets alike. It also uses LiDAR tech to map out your space so you won’t have to clean up after your vacuum cleaner, and you can control it via the app or with your Google Home.

roborock s7 vacuum mop


Buy: Roborock S7 at

3. Neato Robotics D6

Whether you’re a pet owner or not, you know dust can accumulate in corners of any room, and if you have carpet, it can be tough to clean. Our editors love using this Neato robo vac for its design, which serves two convenient functions. First, it can accommodate a larger brush, which means its capable of picking up more hair with each pass. Meantime, the D shape lets you better reach sharp corners and angles than round models. You can use the app to map out multiple stories in your home, too, and the D6 can go for up to 120 minutes.

neato robotics d6 vacuum


Buy: Neato Robotics D6 at $499.00

4. Eufy by Anker RoboVac G30

If you want to take a more hands-on approach to your hands-free vacuum, you may appreciate this Eufy by Anker RoboVac, which stores your cleaning history and gives you a detailed report on where and for how long your robot vac cleaned. We also like this model’s sensors, mapping and other automatic features, such as voice alerts and an auto-return function in which the robot docks itself when the battery is too low.

eufy by anker robovac g30


Buy: Eufy by Anker RoboVac G30 at $319.99