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This Warming and Cooling Mattress Pad May Be the Key to a Good Sleep

Using smart technology, you can set the temperature of this mattress pad before you even get into bed. Here’s how it works.

A good day doesn’t start when you wake up; it starts when you fall asleep—and you can’t have a peaceful night of deep sleep if you’re waking up every hour to flip to the cool side of the pillow. The problem only gets worse if you share your bed with a partner; you may prefer to stay warm and cozy, and they may require a fan to keep them chilled all night long. The solution may lie in the OOLER Sleep System, a temperature-shifting mattress pad to make falling (and staying) asleep more comfortable.

Image courtesy of Kryo, Inc.

Unlike other sleep products and cooling mattresses, this one is just a top layer that can cool and heat as you sleep by using a water-based heating and cooling system. Water circulates throughout an incredibly thin layer (0.057 inches!) of the pad to regulate its temperature. You won’t feel the water circulating as you sleep—but since the temperature source comes from the bed itself, you can feel the cooling or heating effects immediately. The pad is also dual-regulated so you can sleep with a different temperature than your significant other, and it’s leak-proof.

Joining the ranks of countless other smart home products, this one can be controlled by your phone. Use the app to set a schedule that warms up before you get into bed and cools down after you fall asleep. You can even set a warm-awake notice, which peacefully wakes you up (much more soothing than a noisy alarm clock).

If you’re a hot sleeper and like the idea of taking a cooling weighted blanket a step further, you can get the Me version, which comes with one control unit and a mattress pad to fit half a queen, king, or California king bed, or you can purchase the We system, which fits the entire bed and comes with two control units. Prices range from $699 to $1,499, which is a healthy investment, however, it is comparable to Sleep Number’s cooling system, which runs at $799.99 for a half-queen and doesn’t include the smart controls feature.

There is a less expensive option if you don’t want all the bells and whistles. Consider the chiliPAD Sleep System, which starts at $499. It has the same hydro-powered technology and can be set to two different temperatures, but doesn’t have the same smart technology.

If you frequently wake up in the night doused in sweat, this is an option worth pursuing. Few things are as important as a good night’s sleep, so invest in your health and do what you can to catch those Zs. Besides, during extreme-weather seasons, a product like this might actually help you save money on your electric bill since you won’t have to fiddle with the thermostat as frequently.